In winter , it’s time to dance with fireflies The season of fireflies is coming!!

Welcome to participate in winter firefly festival

Time:  Around November 25 

Let's compose a symphony together at night.


This is an old and touching legend


Did you ever hear?

Many many stars twinkle twinkle in the night but appear on our life now

This is a miss without reservation

Firefly (wildfire) is a legend; we just would like to tell you



Long time ago, there is a good-natured ghost

He always back to accompany with person who he always thinking of

He really wants to talk to her,

Hope and believe she always understand

But nothing comes out as he planned,

Every night, he is surrounding and staying in the forest.

But he cannot receive any responses


You know why?

That is because she cannot see the existence of ghosts

He thinks they are so close, but in reality just like the distance between two worlds

He is very sad then he gets the magical power

Wildfire flying little by little from body

Flying and flying, all becomes shiny ass firefly


This winter,

Come to fenchihu to see charming fireflies with your lover and friends

Remember this touching feeling with your eyes

To hear the voices of the mountains with your true heart

Sending our mood to missing person can fly together and shiny together.