When and what kind of fireflies can be found in Fenchihu?

(Because of the abnormal climate, time of the free tour for fireflies depends on counter announcement.)

(Mid Feb. – End of Mar.) Diaphanes Nubilus

(Mid Apr. – Beg. of June) Luciola Anceyi Olivie 1883 & Luciola Cerata Olivier 1911

(Beg. of Jul. – Beg. of Aug.) Luciola Trilucida & Curtos Sauteri

(Mid Sep. – Mid Oct.) L.analis Fabricius

(Mid Nov. – Dec.) Diaphanes Lampyroides


Come visit Fenchihu for Glamorous Scenes of Fireflies

Fenchihu has a friendly habitat for fireflies. These tiny flickering fireflies can hardly survive in cities for they require a perfect natural reserve without light and sound pollutions, and over-developed architectures. Today, more than 20 firefly species can be found in the mountain area of Fenchihu. Experience an extraordinary ecotour surrounded by thousands of fireflies that create dazzling night views at Fenchihu


Fireflies can be seen All-Year-Round in Fenchihu

As a natural preserve in the mountains of Chiayi County, Taiwan, Alishan Scenic Area is the home of many ecosystems. The twinkling, flickering fireflies can be seen all-year-round in Fenchihu covering the town in glamorous scenes.

The friendly climate of Fenchihu offers the perfect habitat for these little insects. Visitors may find various firefly species, including Luciola Anceyi Olivie 1883, Luciola Cerata Olivier 1911 and Luciola cutithorax Pic 1927 in springtime. Among these species, Luciola Cerata Olivier 1911 is the largest group of fireflies in Fenchihu that can sometimes be seen in thousands during the peak season. Fireflies not only can be found in springtime and autumn, but also wintertime here in Fenchihu. The best time to see the winter fireflies is when the maples start to fall. Thousands of Diaphanes Lampyroides (endemic specie of Taiwan) would gather around in Fenchihu showcasing their liveliness in the 10 degrees Celsius cold weather. Visitors may find these lively winter fireflies flickering in yellow-green lights that can sometimes last more than 10 seconds just like little meteors.


Explore Fireflies with Fenchihu Hotel!

Fenchihu Hotel provides complimentary seasonal firefly tours to assure all guests an incredible firefly tour experience.

Spring -> Luciola Anceyi Olivie 1883 & Luciola Cerata Olivier 1911

Summer -> Luciola Trilucida & Curtos Sauteri

Autumn -> Diaphanes Lampyroides

Winter -> Diaphanes Nubilus


Travel Tips for Your Fenchihu Firefly Tour

The best time for a fascinating firefly tour in Fenchihu is in the evening from 18:00 through 20:00. Fireflies can hardly be seen during rainy season, foggy day and cold snap as fireflies might not appear on this kind of day or the rough weather might affect the motility of the fireflies. For safety, travelers should wear long sleeves shirt, long pants, and skid-proof shoes or rain boots. In addition, mosquito repellent and torch are necessities for the tour. However, torch should be covered with cellophane to keep the fireflies be clearly seen.