High Speed Rail Journey


 ■ Chiayi High Speed Rail Station (Taibao) →Exit 2 of High Speed Rail Station to take the direct bus to Fenchihu (bus number 7329) →Fenchihu final stop→Fenchihu Hotel

 ■ The timetable of Chiayi High Speed Rail to Fenchihu is 11:00





Train Jorney


 ■Chiayi(嘉義) Train Station →Fenchihu(奮起湖) Train Station (walking around 1-2 mins) →Fenchihu Hotel


                              平日-Monday~Friday       六日(例假日)-Weekend or holiday


 ■ How to buy ticket?

1. Buying ticket on Chiayi、Beimen、Fenchihu、Alishan Train Station directly.(There is no train from Fenchihu to Alishan currently)

  1. Buying ticket online: Alishan Forest Railway Network Ticketing System






Bus Journey


1. On Front Exit (right side) of Chiayi Train station, there is a direct bus (green color) from Chiayi(嘉義) to Fenchihu(奮起湖). The timetable is 07:10am、09:40am、11:55am、 15:10pm

2. On Front Exit (right side) of Chiayi Train station, there is a bus from Chiayi(嘉義) to Alishan(阿里山) (If miss the direct bus, please take the bus for this route) and get off on Shizhao(石棹) bus stop

Please contact us 05-2561888 when you get on the bus, we could pick you back from Shizhao(石棹)

(On weekend or holidays need to extra fee 100TWD for one person. Therefore, please asking the price for consecutive holidays before arriving. )

奮起湖-Fenchihu  嘉義-Chiayi  高鐵-High Speed Rail


 ■ The website of Chiayi County Bus Administration(https://bus.cyhg.gov.tw/News.aspx?n=E48559FB736F4FF6&sms=6A15CF989DC4949A)





Car Journey


 ■ South Formosa Freeway → Zhongpu Interchange →Alishan Highway →Shizhao(63.5Kilometer) →Turn Left 169 County Road→ Fenchihu Hotel